Real-time results


Response time

~1 second

# of results per request


Multiple page requests


Result formats *


Concurrency (default) **

500 requests per second

Cost ***

$0.001 per request

$1 per 1000 requests


* Our endpoint supports Google Images, Videos, and News, as well as advanced Google SERP features like the Featured Snippet, People Also Ask and Search Suggestions. We don’t support Google My Business, Google Maps, Knowledge Graph, Google Reviews or Google Shopping. 

** Concurrency level is customisable if higher requests per second are required.

*** Are you going to make high-volume API calls (more than 250,000 per month)? We can offer you a custom price, contact us.

What's Included

Quick Integration

Our API is simple in design and compatible with most major programming languages.

Easy Documentation

Get started using our API in a matter of minutes with our straightforward documentation.

Tech Support

Our tech support is on-hand every day to help answer any questions or resolve issues.

JSON Format

Requests are sent using HTTP POST, responses are delivered in lightweight JSON format.

Any Location/Device

Gather data from any city, region or country worldwide, using any device (desktop, mobile, tablet).

All Search Features

Get all the SERP features in one hit, people also ask, featured snippets and more.