Google Search API for Data Miners

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Harvest data at scale from Google's SERP

SerpsBot provides a reliable and affordable Google Search API for data miners, agencies and software companies.

  • Real-time results - returned in ~1 second
  • No throttling - perform parallel requests
  • Auto-scaling setup - perform millions of requests a months
  • Affordable - PAYG with big discounts on high volume use
Google serp api serpsbot

Google SERP API you can trust

Real-Time & Fast

We offer the fastest Google SERP API. Get real-time results in ~1 second. 

All SERP API calls are processed in real-time and we return the latest, fresh data only.

Reliable & Available

Our Google Search API is designed to handle extremely high load. We don't throttle API calls. Send as many parallel API calls as you want. 

We let you harvest an extremely large amount of data from Google SERPs without worrying about proxies or captchas.

Scalable & Affordable

We understand that Google SERP API calls can get expensive. To help you scale we offer great prices with no need to subscribe.

If you’re planning to make high-volume API calls, please get in touch and we'll do our best to offer you a custom price.

Google SERP API Coverage

Harvest data from Google's organic SERP

Our Google SERP API covers organic search results. Also get data from Google Images, Videos and News.

All advanced SERP features supported

Crawl all of Google’s advanced search features, including the Featured Snippet, People Also Ask, Knowledge Graph and more.

Location specific across any device

Get Google SERP results across any location and any device. We support all location filters and can display real-time results by specific device, language, and operating system.

Real-time results

Our Google SERP APIs return results in real-time. This means data is fresh and accurate every time you make an API call.

Multiple output formats

We can provide results in JSON and raw HTML formats. You can also use our bulk analysis feature to upload a file of keywords and receive data back in JSON format.

Our clients love us because...

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing: We don’t charge subscription fees or use complex pricing models. Simply add funds to your account and use them as and when you need.
  • No complex contracts: You’re free to use our Google API service without being bound by complex contracts or long-term agreements. For enterprise customers we can provide service-level agreements.
  • Continually innovating: Our team is continually innovating and evolving our service to keep up to date with Google search engine changes. We’ve got you covered as the market for SERP data evolves.
  • Bespoke projects: If you need specific data that is not already supported by our Google SERP APIs we can help build a custom solution for you. 
google search api serpsbot

What clients say

We have used many different Google API providers and SerpsBot is the best in respect to response time, pricing, and reliability. The support is also great. It's really a pleasure to work with the SerpsBot team.

Jens Brandt

Founder, Docoloc



Google Search API

Real-time results


Response time

~1 second

# of results per request


Multiple page requests


Result formats *


Concurrency (default) **

500 requests per second

Cost ***

$0.001 per request

$1 per 1000 requests


* Our API endpoint supports Google Images, Videos, and News, as well as advanced Google SERP features like the Featured Snippet, People Also Ask and Search Suggestions. We don’t support Google My Business, Google Maps, Knowledge Graph, Google Reviews or Google Shopping. 

** Concurrency level is customisable if higher requests per second are required

*** Are you going to make high-volume API calls (more than 250,000 per month)? We can offer you a custom price, contact us.

What's Included

Quick Integration

Our API is simple in design and compatible with most major programming languages.

Easy Documentation

Get started using our API in a matter of minutes with our straightforward documentation.

Tech Support

Our tech support is on-hand every day to help answer any questions or resolve issues.


Requests are sent using HTTP POST, responses are delivered in lightweight JSON or Raw HTML.

Any Location/Device

Gather data from any city, region or country worldwide, using any device (desktop, mobile, tablet).

All Search Features

Get all the SERP features in one hit, people also ask, featured snippets and more.


In what format do you provide results?

Our API endpoint returns results in JSON format.

Do you impose any rate limiting?

We don't impose any concurrency rate limiting, but our API default setting is 500 requests per second. If you need to make more requests per second please contact us and we can customise the setup for your use case.

Do you provide data in real-time?

Yes. Data is delivered in real-time after an API call is made. The data is specific to the search engine, language, device, and location requested.

What customer support do you provide?

We're available Monday to Friday 08:00am to 19:00 GMT. Our technical support team is also on hand during the weekend; however, replies may be slower.

Is there an upper limit for API calls?

No, there isn't any upper limit. We can support enterprise-grade use. SerpsBot runs on an auto-scaling setup and many of our customers are already performing several million API calls each month. In fact, we are pleased to have customers with heavy usage volume, and we offer great discounts for large volume customers.

How much does your service cost?

Unlike other providers we don't require you to purchase recurring plans. Instead you add credit to your account based on your needs and use it whenever you want. See our pricing plans to get an idea how much our service will cost

Can I test your service for free?

Yes. Once you add a card to your account you will receive free credits to test our API.

Do you offer refunds?

If our service doesn't serve your purpose, we will issue a refund for your unused balance anytime.

How does billing work?

Your balance is consumed only if an API call returns results. API calls to retrieve account details, and API calls with empty results don't consume balance.

Get started with 1000 free API credits