SERP API for data miners and software companies

Access realtime data from search engines using our robust API. Get started with 100 free API credits

What we do

We help companies harvest data from search engines

SerpsBot provides a reliable and affordable Google Search API for data miners, agencies and software companies.

Ultra Fast

Our SERP API is the fastest on the market. On average, an API call takes around 1.5s.

Robust Infrastructure

Thanks to our robust and auto-scaling setup, we will cope with your demand no matter how high it is.


Purchase credits for as little as $0.50 cents for 1000 API calls. No expensive recurring plans.

Search API for Google

Get structured Google SERP data for any location or language, across any device.

why us

We know that speed, stability and accuracy are key!

  • Speed: Getting accurate results fast is critical. At SerpsBot we've built a robust infrastructure that delivers exceptional speed, stability and accuracy.
  • Support: In addition to our clear documentation we are on-hand to help you take full advantage of our API and answer any questions you have. 
  • Pricing: We like to keep things simple and affordable. With our credit system you only pay for what you use and we offer unbeatable prices. 


What clients say

serp api testimonial


Data Scientist

By far the most affordable and reliable SERP API I've used, and their support team is great too.

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SerpsBot's SERP API is fast, reliable and affordable! 


We use a simple and affordable pay-as-you-go pricing model. No complex recurring subscriptions or contracts. Only pay for what you use! 

Purchase credits to make API calls on a 1-to-1 basis (1 Credit = 1 API Call). 

Minimum credits you can buy are 1,000.

# of credits

Cost per credit

Cost per 1000 API Calls

0-100 Credits


Free for 100 API Calls

1,000-5,000 Credits

$0.0020 per credit

 $2 per 1000 API Calls

5,001-20,000 Credits

$0.0015 per credit

 $1.5 per 1000 API Calls

20,001-100,000 Credits

$0.0010 per credit

 $1 per 1000 API Calls

100,001-1,000,000 Credits

$0.00075 per credit

 $0.75 per 1000 API Calls

1m+ Credits

$0.00050 per credit

 $0.50 per 1000 API Calls

What's Included

Quick Integration

Our API is simple in design and compatible with most major programming languages.

Easy Documentation

Get started using the API in a matter of minutes with our straightforward documentation.

Tech Support

Our tech support is on-hand every day to help answer any questions or resolve issues.

JSON or CSV Results

Requests are sent using HTTP GET, responses are delivered in lightweight JSON or CSV format.

Any Location/Device

Gather data from any city, region or country worldwide, using any device (desktop, mobile, tablet).

All Search Features

Get all the SERP features in one hit, people also ask, featured snippets and more.


In what format do you provide results?

We provide search outputs in JSON or CSV format.

Do you impose any rate limiting?

We don't impose any rate limiting. However, if the requests exceed a normal range (i.e. more than 1,000 per second), we may contact you to be sure that the request volume is intentional from your end.

Do you provide data in real-time?

Yes. Data is delivered in real-time after an API call is made. The data is specific to the search engine, language, and location requested.

What customer support do you provide?

We're available Monday to Friday 08:00am to 19:00 GMT. Our technical support team is also on hand during the weekend, however replies may be slower.

How much does your service cost?

Unlike other providers we don't require you to purchase recurring plans. Instead you buy credits based on your needs and use them whenever you want. See our pricing plans here.

Can I test your service for free?

Yes, when you sign-up we will issue you with 100 free credits.

Do you offer refunds?

If our service doesn't serve your purpose, we will issue a refund for your unused credits anytime.

How does billing work?

Your credits are consumed only if an API call returns results. API calls to retrieve account details, and API calls with empty results don't consume credits.

Get started with 100 free API credits