Yandex Search API

Access Yandex search results using our super reliable, fast and affordable Yandex SERP API.

Unfortunately this endpoint has been discontinued

yandex search api

Yandex SERP API Coverage

Real-time Yandex search results

Get real-time Yandex search results in under 3 seconds. Our API returns the latest, fresh data with 100% accuracy.

JSON or Raw HTML format

Use our regular endpoint to grab Google search results in JSON format or use our extended endpoint if you need raw HTML data.

Location specific results

Access results from any location in the World. Set your location requirements by country, city or even GPS coordinates.

What clients say

We have used many different API providers and SerpsBot is the best in respect to response time, pricing, and reliability. The support is also great. It's really a pleasure to work with the SerpsBot team.

Jens Brandt

Founder, Docoloc



Yandex Endpoint

Real-time results


Response time

Under 3 seconds

# of results per request


Multiple page requests


Result formats


Concurrency (default) *

500 requests per second

Cost **

$0.002 per request

$2 per 1000 requests


Unfortunately this endpoint has been discontinued

* Concurrency level is customisable if higher requests per second are required.

** Are you going to make high-volume API calls (more than 250,000 per month)? We can offer you a custom price, contact us.

What's Included

Quick Integration

Our API is simple in design and compatible with most major programming languages.

Easy Documentation

Get started using our API in a matter of minutes with our straightforward documentation.

Tech Support

Our tech support is on-hand every day to help answer any questions or resolve issues.


Requests are sent using HTTP GET, responses are delivered in lightweight JSON or Raw HTML.

Any Location/Device

Gather data from any city, region or country worldwide, using any device (desktop, mobile, tablet).

All Search Features

Get all the SERP features in one hit, people also ask, featured snippets and more.


In what formats do you provide Yandex results?

Our Yandex extended endpoint returns data in JSON or raw HTML format.

Do you impose any concurrency rate limiting?

Our API uses a default concurrency setting of 500 requests per second. If you need to make more requests per second we can customise your setup.

Do you provide data in real-time?

Yes. Our Yandex search API delivers data in real-time. The data is specific to the location device and language you specify.

What customer support do you provide?

We're available Monday to Friday 08:00 to 19:00 GMT. Our technical support team is also available during the weekend; however, replies may be slower.

Is there any upper limit for API calls?

No, there isn't any upper limit. We can and do support enterprise use (several million calls per month). Our Yandex Search API runs on an auto-scaling infrastructure. If you need to make high volume calls please contact us for custom price options.

How much does your service cost?

We offer straightforward Pay-As-You-Go pricing for both our regular and extended API endpoints. See our pricing plans to get an idea how much our service will cost for your usage volume. If you plan to make high volume requests (i.e. more than 250,000 calls a month), we can offer custom pricing.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. Sign up and add a card to your account. Our system will then apply test credits so you can trial our Yandex search API before you make any commitment.

Do you offer refunds?

If our Yandex SERP API doesn't serve your use case, let us know and we will issue a refund for any unused balance.

How does billing work?

Your balance is consumed only if an API call returns results. API calls to retrieve account details, and API calls with empty results don't consume balance.

What other search engines do you support?

In addition to Yandex Search, we also support Bing, DuckDuckGo and Google.

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